FECCLQ: Safety tips to remember in drag racing

Truck drag racing is full of action and twists that you’re not aware of. Anything can happen once you’re inside the lanes. You might even forget a thing or two since your mind is already set on the upcoming race in front of you. 

Good thing that FECCLQ is here to guide you on your drag racing event! Whether you’re a veteran drag racer or a newbie, these safety tips still apply as you continue moving forward to your future events. 

Read some of the basic safety tips you need to know below.

Be respectful

Every time you visit a drag racing event, be polite with all the track personnel. Avoid being too cocky as soon as you enter the staging lines. They are there to make sure that the event will be safe and free from danger for everyone so you can have fun and feel the race. You are the guest visiting their area so it’s proper that you treat them with respect. 

Check your tires

Make sure that you double-check your tires before starting the race. If you happen to change your tires the day before or earlier on the same day, check the nuts and see if they are intact and tight enough to hold everything together. Having the right amount of pressure in your tires is a must too. 

Clear out your stuff

Drag racing is an intense sport and fast-paced in nature. One less problem on your safety list is removing all the unnecessary things in your car like CDs, speakers, paper, or extra shirts if you have them in your truck. 

The things that you need to bring are your truck, your driver’s license, you, and your event pass if applicable. Keep your truck light by removing these unwanted things that may cause an accident while you’re driving inside. 

Act professional

It’s very important to attend a drag racing event with the mindset that you are a professional racer. This changes your perception of how you are going to perform well in the lanes thus increasing your chances of winning or reaching the finish line. 

Always bring a helmet with you and wear the proper uniform when racing to ensure your body’s safety and prevent you from having serious injuries in case something bad happens. 

Be alert

Always pay attention to your surroundings before, during and after the drag race. There would be instances where you might miss out on some important things along the way due to the adrenaline rush you’re feeling. 

You’re the only one who can feel if something’s not right with the race so if that happens, don’t hesitate to pull over or ask any track personnel to assist you with your concern. Drag racing doesn’t only increase your skills but also heightens your senses to be sensitive to minimal changes around you. 

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